Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Lolita Socks; A great challenge.

Brace yourself roritas, I feel a rant coming on. So, as cute and wonderful as lolita socks are, im pretty sure I HATE them. First, WHY?! do they have to be so expensive? THEY ARE SOCKS for god sakes! What makes me more mad about how expensive they are is, even though I know how ridicolous and impractical I am, I will continue to buy them! Stupid tempting socks>:( You think I would have some restraint, but NOOO I still find ways to justify buying you. Second, I hate the fact that you cant just throw them in the wash like regular socks! I dont know about you, but I have to rub ALL the dirt out with spray N'  wash every time I wear them. And, why do they have to be so delicate? You shouldnt have to wash socks ALONE on gentle in order to "clean them properly". DAMN you squeaking washer, why do you mock me? -_-  Anyway guys, why dont you put your input in? Do you have any rituals to wash your sockies, or just lolita in general? I want to hear it!:D Peace out Loli-girls<3


  1. I try to hand wash my socks, but sometimes they just end up getting mixed in with the regular. Oh well. I rarely have dirt on the bottom of my socks. Probably cause I'm picky about keeping my loli shoes clean. Before and after each wear I wipe them out with a baby wipe. It really helps to keep my socks clean.

  2. I think I own only two pairs of brand socks. Which yes, I too handwash them. Thankfully those gel inserts don't mess up the bottoms as much as they do without.

    But I agree. I dislike having to separate socks because they're "special." I also have yet to really drop $40 on a pair of NWT brand socks.

  3. $5 knee socks at Target yo.

    But yeah I will probably handwash mine since I don't have access to a personal washer and I can't justify an extra $5 to use gentle cycle at the laundromat for a handful of things.

  4. I don't own any brand socks, so I don't have this problem, haha.