Monday, October 18, 2010

I guess this is my introduction?

Im Paije, or as affectionatly called by my friends, Honey. Im a fourteen year old little girl stuck in a western hell. Lolita is my escape, my addiction, the life I live away from school and family. Ive had an interest in this fashion stemming back to my fifth grad year, but I have recently become deeply involved in the subculture. Im not elitist, I dont claim to be a lolita idol, Im just a little girl who wears extravagant clothing to cater to her own view of beauty. My favorite brand is of course, like every other sweet lolita's in the entire world, Angelic Pretty. This blog is just something daily to do, and I hope maybe along the way I can bring someone new to lolita, or meet a new person with a different reason for why they dress in lolita. Youve met me, now give me the chance to meet you:)!


  1. You know, from seeing you around EGL I would have never have guessed you were only 14! You defiantly disprove the stereotype that all younger teens are obnoxious/annoying/impolite. Anyways, I'm looking forward to your blog.

  2. Wow only fourteen! I was interested in the style around that age, but didn't really jump into it until this year! Let's continue to grow as lolitas :D

  3. Well thank you very much Stephanie, i try not to be an annoying teeny-bopper!:D