Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Im selling an Angelic Pretty skirt for under 100!

Im selling my Angelic Pretty Strawberry Ribbon skirt for 90 shipped, unless your out of the US:) I need it gone asap, contact me if you want pictures.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

So, I bought a strawberry ribbon skirt for $90, good price right?XD

I did good right!?:D Anyway, Im really happy. AP is my favorite brand, and i actually get to own something from them now^^ other than a hair clip....Im excited though. Youll hear from me about the skirt tommorow, or friday. ALSO! Does anyone know the original retail price? Or average resale price? love you guys<3

Monday, October 25, 2010

The rules of lolita, and why I like them.

Excuse me for getting ranty, but I just have to share my opinion on lolita's rules:) I 100 percent encourage creativity, and origanlity with lolita, but lolita has rules for a reason. Without rules, it wouldnt be lolita, but just girls in fluffy dresses. Lolita is classified by the dress, the pettis, our socks and bows and bloomers. If we did away with the need for those things we wouldnt have a definite idea of what lolita is. No I dont think its okay to call someone ita just because they arent up to the standard of what you think is lolita. I do think the rules of loli are meant to be bent a bit, but keep it wholesome, and keep it lolita^^

Friday, October 22, 2010

Why lolita, honey-chan?

A lot of people ask me, "Why lolita? Why not something else?" Well, Im a princess type of girl. I enjoy cute, and pastel colors. I love when little girls look at me, and think im a fairy. I like when people are sincerely interested in my sub-culture. I love the getting ready process, and the fact that wigs and fake eyelashes are "accesorys". But those are all physical things, my passion for lolita goes deep. I heard someone once say, "When I wear lolita, I feel like Im channeling all the beauty in the universe." This is exactly how I feel. Lolita makes me feel sincerely beautiful, and it makes me happy. I love the fact that I dont have to be boring. Lolita makes me confident, its almost like when I wear lolita Im a superhero. Lolita lets me be a little girl, and Im pretty sure its keeping me young and wholesome. These are just some of my reasons for adoring lolita. The real question here is, why do you?

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Lolita Pet Peeves. These are mine, what are yours.

I have a challenge for you! You my fellow lolitas have been chosen, and I want to hear what you have to say! Make a list of your top 5 lolita pet peeves, and put it in a post on your blog titled, "Lolita in Secret challenged me; Lolita Pet Peeves!". After youve done that, come leave a comment with a link to your post, and ill check it out. I want to see how far this goes:D
These are my pet peeves;

1. People who try to pass off their replicas as originals, its just dishonest. I have NO problems with replicas, I personally think if the original isnt available go for the replica until you can get the original!

2. How difficult it is to do our hair. Does this irritate anyone else?XD I hate spending hours on hair, this is why wigs are my thing. Go OTT sweet!

3.Bloomers. I hate bloomers because I constantly think they are showing, and I constantly have to ask about it. Sometimes, I think my mommy just wants to pop me one!

4.The fact that brands NEVEr restock their english sites. I mean, come on guys, you know you would make so much more money if you did.

5.Lastly, and probably the most stupid, I HATE, HATE, HATE HATE HATE mini top hats that have been bought at hot topic with gothic lolita. They look fine! Im just a weirdo....

Lolita Socks; A great challenge.

Brace yourself roritas, I feel a rant coming on. So, as cute and wonderful as lolita socks are, im pretty sure I HATE them. First, WHY?! do they have to be so expensive? THEY ARE SOCKS for god sakes! What makes me more mad about how expensive they are is, even though I know how ridicolous and impractical I am, I will continue to buy them! Stupid tempting socks>:( You think I would have some restraint, but NOOO I still find ways to justify buying you. Second, I hate the fact that you cant just throw them in the wash like regular socks! I dont know about you, but I have to rub ALL the dirt out with spray N'  wash every time I wear them. And, why do they have to be so delicate? You shouldnt have to wash socks ALONE on gentle in order to "clean them properly". DAMN you squeaking washer, why do you mock me? -_-  Anyway guys, why dont you put your input in? Do you have any rituals to wash your sockies, or just lolita in general? I want to hear it!:D Peace out Loli-girls<3

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A meme....pretty much just rambling hereXD


What colours can be found in your Lolita closet?
Pink, sax, and hopefully very soon to be mint:)
What is your favourite colour with Lolita?
Like every other sweet lolita in the entire world, its of course going to have to be pink!XD

What is your least favourite colour in Lolita?
I dont really like anything other than pastela and black.
Which uncommon colour do you want to try out?
It would be interesting for me to try a powdery yellow.
I really dont like yellow, but on the right dress it could be fantastic looking!
Are you more a Onepiece, Jumperskirt or a Skirt person?
OPs all the way. I dont like blouses, so most of the time skirts are out of the picture. With a jsk I just
get lazy, and throw on a cardigan.XD
Which cut do you like the best?
I would have to say square, for sure!
Print or no Print?
Prints are an extreme weakness of mine, plain stuff just doesnt fit my lolita ideal.
How does a dress/skirt have to look like that it will be a "must have" item for you?
For me to die over it, it has to meet the following requirements; A print in a pastel colour, at least
one bow somewhere on the dress, an extra roomy skirt for all my pettisXD, and some kind of adorable
What is your favourite style in Lolita?
OTT sweet, it makes me feel like a princess dipped in sugar made from fairy dustXD!
Which style do you wear regularly?
Hime, Sweet, or OTT sweet.
Which style you want to try out?
Someday I must try my hand at something really classy, and gothic. Its so not me, but it entrances me.
Also shiro, and guro!
Which style you never want to try out/wear again?
Ill never try Wa ever, if not done perfect, its done horribly.XD

Brands yes or no and why?
Yes to burando! Im not a brand snob, it just makes me feel special to wear something of such high quality. Also, brand is cuter to me, and in my opinion made better. One thing I have to say though is, no brand acessories, socks or shoes for me. WAY TOO EXPENSIVE FOR WHAT THEY ARE!
Which brand is your favourite?
Angelic pretty, hands down. I love the fact they can give me diabetes with their prints.
Which is your least favourite brand?
Innocent world,  i dont know...I just dont like their name. It rubs me in a bad way I guess?
Ever had a good/bad experience with brand?
Er, well my first brand dress was brand new and only 100 and something with the bow? That was pretty cool?
Will this experience encourage/stop you from buying brand?
Um, it effects neitherXD
Did you ever got surprised by a piece of Lolita?
I didnt expect my Angelic Pretty replica to be such heavy fabric.
Did you ever got disappointed by a piece of Lolita?
Thank the good lord I havent:)
Things that you like about Lolita?
Lolita makes me happy. It gives me a reason to dress up for no reason at all, and feel genuinely beautiful. I like making little girls' days:)
Things that you dislike on Lolita?
I dislike girls who are incredibly rude and elitist, but I also dislike the misinterpretation of our fashion.
Do you have a Lolita fashion idol, if 'yes' who is it?
She isnt famous, but she is my lolita "big sister". Her name is Sue, and she is absoloutley awesome. She can bring her own flavour to her stile, while still being a traditional lolita. What I like most though, is that you cant classify her style. That, is unique.
Does Lolita affect your every day life?
Yes, it does. Im constantly thinking of what to buy next, or how to coordinate a certain outfit. I also think a lot about blog ideas. Why must we Roritas put Rori in everything?
Do you buy Lolita related things, like cute looking furniture?
Ive been doing that for a while actually, but I think its because of my grandmothers:)
Do you read/buy the Gothic Lolita Bible?
I tryXD
How to you describe your fashion style to others that don´t know about Lolita?
I tell people that it is extremely widespread fashion dedicated to beauty, and wholesomeness, that was started in Japan.
Is there something you want to say to your fellow Lolitas?
Dont spread hate, and dont criticize. Lolita is truly about dressing for YOURSELF, lolita is your own interpretation of being a beautiful princess. Dont judge someone by what makes them happy, especially if its just because they cant afford to dress as well as you can. :) that is all